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Get Your Old Softeners Working Again

With Crystal Clean, a water softener that has many years worth of iron buildup can be 100% clean after only a few treatments.The reason this buildup occurs is that standard salt, rust remover salt, and retail iron treatments are simply not strong enough to break the iron-oxygen bond inside the softener's resin that is keeping it trapped.The Crystal Clean treatment's very high molecular bonding strength gives it the power to break the iron/oxygen bond, easily cleaning out years worth of t...
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Regatta Beach Resort – Clearwater Beach, Florida

Regatta Beach Resort - Clearwater Beach, Florida Regatta Beach Resort is one of the largest beach front condo communities located on Clearwater Beach, FL with over 300 units.Challenge: 16 year old towers operating at 50% waste water discharge. Advanced corrosion and leaks from neglect and ocean front location. Scale deposits so severe the cross beams supporting the fill were sagging. Customer needed 5 more years to budget for new towers.Solution: Implement the TERLYN cooling tower wat...
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Bayfront Tower Condominium – St. Petersburg, FL

Bayfront Tower Condominium - St. Petersburg, FL Downtown St. Petersburg, Fl.  868,000 sq.ft. Waterfront Condo with 250 residential units and 11 commercial units and restaurant. Chillers handle the common areas and commercial floors, Heat pumps in each of the 250 units. Challenge: We found this system to be in good operating condition and reasonably clean with only light scale and bio-fouling. Although the existing water treatment was adequately protecting system integrity, it was operatin...
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What Is Cooling Tower Bleed-Off / Blowdown?

What Is Cooling Tower Bleed-Off / Blowdown? Cooling tower bleed-off/blowdown is the flushing of a portion of high mineral concentration cooling tower system water down the drain, while simultaneously replacing it with fresh water. This process dilutes the system water mineral concentrations that steadily increase due to water evaporation. Scale formation will occur if the concentration of minerals in a cooling tower system's water increases to a level higher than the saturation point of the sys...
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How A Cooling Tower Works

 A cooling tower is a simple piece of equipment designed to remove heat energy from water through the process of evaporation. ¬†Because water removes heat energy more efficiently than air, cooling towers significantly outperform their air-cooled counterparts.Although there are a variety of distinctive cooling tower designs, their basic operation remains the same.Warm water from a heat source, such as commercial air conditioning systems or industrial equipment, is pumped to th...
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