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Iron Bacteria

Iron Bacteria In Water Softeners Iron bacteria can cause a rotten egg odor in your water.  A rotten egg odor that is strongest first thing in the morning and slime in the back of the toilet tank are tell-tale signs of an iron reducing bacteria problem. The first thing that you should do is determine if the odor is in the cold and hot water, or only in the hot. If only in the hot, the problem is the magnesium anode rod in the hot water tank.  Remove or replace this rod with a new one to so...
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Automatic System Dosage Calculator

This calculator will tell you how much Crystal Clean to dilute to a gallon of water using our automatic feed system. To use this calculator, you will need to know how much iron and hardness are in your raw well water, as well as what size water softener you have. A test of your raw well water's iron and hardness can be obtained by taking a sample of your raw well water to your local water softener dealer.  Your softener size can usually be found by checking the specs in your owners manual. Ch...
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Get Your Old Softeners Working Again

With Crystal Clean, a water softener that has many years worth of iron buildup can be 100% clean after only a few treatments. The reason this buildup occurs is that standard salt, rust remover salt, and retail iron treatments are simply not strong enough to break the iron-oxygen bond inside the softener's resin that is keeping it trapped. The Crystal Clean treatment's very high molecular bonding strength gives it the power to break the iron/oxygen bond, easily cleaning out years worth of t...
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Crystal Clean Customer Reviews

            More customers everyday are saving money by solving their iron problem without the iron filter!   Rosemary Crystal Clean Miracle I bought my property in 1990. Since then, the iron in the well water has ruined two very expensive water conditioner units. I had a filter system installed to catch the rust before the water entered the WC/brine tank. Within weeks, the iron filters were useless and soggy with rust. Once ...
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What’s Included In The Crystal Clean Iron Eliminator System

  The Crystal Clean Iron Eliminator Kit contains everything needed to setup a new system.  The system runs automatically and is designed to only need to be refilled three times per year.           The Crystal Clean automatic dispenser is designed to pump 24/7 a small amount of Crystal Clean diluted treatment into the salt brine tank of the water softener.  The pump attaches to the brine tank via provided Velcro strip and plugs into any s...
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How Crystal Clean Works

Here we show an enlarged representation of resin beads inside a water softener. As well water flows through the resin, the positively charged iron & hardness molecules are magnetically attracted to the negatively charged resin.  As a result, the hardness & iron is removed from the water and magnetically attaches to the resin.  The result is softened, iron-free water.  These minerals build up in the resin until the next regeneration cycle. As the iron is stuck to the resin waiting...
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How To Setup A Crystal Clean System

  How To Setup A Crystal Clean System  Insert Feed Tube Feed tubing as far as possible down into the pipe along the inside of your salt brine tank. This allows our liquid to drip directly into the salt water.  Be sure not to cut-off the extra tubing because the excess will be needed later on. Add Treatment To Gallon Bottle Use our Crystal Clean Dosage Calculator to determine how much Crystal Clean Concentrate you should add to the gallon bottle. The Iron Eliminator Ki...
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