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Cooling Tower Water Conservation

Florida Condos Conserve Cooling Tower Water

Florida Condos Are Saving Big By Upgrading To The Terlyn Cooling Tower Conservation Program Buildings in Florida with cooling towers have the greatest water conservation potential.  Florida cooling towers have to work very hard to keep their buildings cool because our climate is very hot, and our summers are very long. It's true that the amount of water that a cooling tower evaporates cannot be reduced or conserved.  This  cooling tower water use is completely justified and cannot be red...
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Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation System

Standard cooling tower water treatment programs require 33% to 50% waste water discharge in order to prevent scale formation.  Even in a relatively small cooling tower, this can add up to hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water wasted annually. With water costs on the rise and severe drought in some areas of the country, now is the perfect time to upgrade your water-wasteful cooling tower water treatment program to the Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservatio...
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What Is Cooling Tower Bleed-Off / Blowdown?

What Is Cooling Tower Bleed-Off / Blowdown? Cooling tower bleed-off/blowdown is the flushing of a portion of high mineral concentration cooling tower system water down the drain, while simultaneously replacing it with fresh water. This process dilutes the system water mineral concentrations that steadily increase due to water evaporation. Scale formation will occur if the concentration of minerals in a cooling tower system's water increases to a level higher than the saturation point of the sys...
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How A Cooling Tower Works

  A cooling tower is a simple piece of equipment designed to remove heat energy from water through the process of evaporation.  Because water removes heat energy more efficiently than air, cooling towers significantly outperform their air-cooled counterparts. Although there are a variety of distinctive cooling tower designs, their basic operation remains the same. Warm water from a heat source, such as commercial air conditioning systems or industrial equipment, is pumped to th...
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Reduce Cooling Tower Water Waste By Over 90%

Industry uses a tremendous amount of water for many different applications, one of which is for cooling. Water is a very efficient media when used to collect and dissipate heat. Unfortunately, one of the systems commonly used to perform these tasks (cooling towers) can be quite inefficient. Because of poor water management, a ridiculous amount of chemical-laden water is being bled-off, or dumped every day. Even a relatively small cooling tower can bleed in excess of one million gallo...
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How The Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program Works

How The Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program Works Although our water conservation conserves a dramatic amount of water over traditional water treatment, The Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program uses the same simple three treatment setup as traditional water treatment.   Automatic Controller The Terlyn Program utilizes a Megatron SS automatic controller that constantly monitors cycles of concentration in the cooling tower system water, as well as how mu...
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