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Cooling Tower Water Conservation

Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program Overview

Extreme Water Conservation & Environmental Benefits Reduce Cooling Tower Wastewater By Over 90% Save Up To 40% Of Your Building's Potable Water Use Improve System Performance, Integrity, and Longevity Immediate Reduction In Building Utility Costs Be Green... Earn LEED Pints For Water ConservationIndustry uses a tremendous amount of water for many different applications, one of which is for cooling. Water is a very efficient media when used to collect and dissipat...
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Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program Performance

Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program reduces standard cooling tower water waste requirements by over 90% by utilizing the most advanced water treatment program in the world.Standard cooling tower water treatment programs operate cooling towers at an average of three cycles of concentration. At three cycles, one gallon of water must be flushed down the drain for every two gallons that evaporate resulting in a 33% waste. The TERLYN program requires only one gallon of water f...
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