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Crystal Clean Iron Treatment System


Without Crystal Clean, A water softener is only effective at preventing iron stains when it’s brand new. The problem happens because rust removing salt and standard iron treatments are simply not strong enough to clean the iron out of the softener’s resin during the regeneration cycle.

This iron gradually builds up until the resin is so clogged-up that it can’t prevent rust stains.  This happens in any softener that removes iron from well water.  Crystal Clean is the only treatment strong enough to remove this trapped iron build-up.  A softener that is kept clean will consistently and effectively prevent all iron staining.

Unlike standard acid treatments, Crystal Clean is an organic, non-acid treatment with a very high molecular bonding strength that easily cleans the iron from the softener’s resin that the others can’t.  For over 25 years, the Crystal Clean System has been trusted by many Culligan, Kinetico, and Ecowater dealers as well as independent water softener companies and hardware stores to solve tough iron problems inexpensively.

Order your Crystal Clean system today, and solve your well water iron problem for a lot less, guaranteed!