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Denver Federal Center Building 810 – USDA

Denver Federal Center USDA Building 810 – Lakewood, CO


Building 810 was originally constructed in 1963 for GSA’s Federal Supply Service, now the Federal Acquisition Service. Today the one-story, red brick building offers a mix of office and warehouse space across 673,643 square feet.  Building 810 Actually has two separate cooling tower systems that are completely independent of one another.  The Terlyn Program is installed on both of them.  This case study is for the system that cools the USDA portion of the building.

On first look, saving 45.65% of a cooling tower’s total water use difficult with water treatment alone.  However, the fact is that this system was scaled up from previous water treatment that was causing the system to use more water.

The Terlyn Program slowly removes existing scale while online.  This slowly removed the existing scale deposits from the system in the first year of operation that were causing excess water use.  This is why the amount of water conserved is so much greater in the second and third year because all the previous scale was removed in the first year of operation.  Year two and three reflect efficient water use from a scale-free system.

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