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Regatta Beach Resort – Clearwater Beach, Florida


Regatta Beach Resort – Clearwater Beach, Florida

Regatta Beach Resort is one of the largest beach front condo communities located on Clearwater Beach, FL with over 300 units.

Challenge: 16 year old towers operating at 50% waste water discharge. Advanced corrosion and leaks from neglect and ocean front location. Scale deposits so severe the cross beams supporting the fill were sagging. Customer needed 5 more years to budget for new towers.

Solution: Implement the TERLYN cooling tower water conservation program including the updated treatment control and feed pumps, install sub-meters on both the makeup and bleed-off water lines, develop protocols to properly monitor the system operation, and provide professional monthly service.

Results: As the program started to break down old scale in the system hundreds of pounds of scale were removed during the first 2 yearly cleanings. Multiple leaks were repaired and high a quality corrosion inhibitor used to help extend the life of the tower by five years.  In the first 5 years of operation on our program, system water consumption and waste water discharge was reduced by 50%, saving 14,860,611 gallons of potable water for the community.

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