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Crystal Clean Iron Treatment System

Why does your water softener prevent all the iron stains when it’s first installed, only for the stains to slowly reappear after six months to a year has passed?

This happens because after the iron has been removed, it turns to rust inside your water softener’s resin.  Rust is virtually impossible to clean using iron cleaners and rust-removing salt, so it builds up until the softener can no longer function, and iron stains appear in your home.

This is why iron filters are installed, to remove the iron before it ever reaches the softener.  However, iron filters are not only expensive to purchase and install, they also require a $600 maintenance every five years.

There is one treatment that can successfully clean the rust out of your softener’s resin, completely eliminating the need for an iron filter.  Crystal Clean’s advanced technology has a molecular bonding strength 10x higher than standard iron treatments and rust-removing salt.

It is this bonding strength that easily breaks apart the rust buildup inside your softener.  Once the rust has been cleaned, your water softener will stop the iron stains exactly like it did when it was new, completely eliminating the costs and headache of an iron filter.

Iron filters are the expensive way to stop iron.  Crystal Clean restores your water softener’s ability to solve your iron problem at a fraction of the cost, guaranteed.