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Stenner Pumps


Quick and Easy Serviceability

The practical modular design saves valuable servicing time. All major pump components are secured by stainless locking rivets, allowing the units to be disassembled quickly without tools and can easily be converted to other models.


Less Down Time

The peristaltic pumping action eliminates down time from prime loss due to off-gassing solutions and eliminates the need for troublesome degassing valves.


Easy Tube Maintenance

Simple periodic tube replacement minimizes down time and maintenance costs. All that is required is setting the tube in place and guiding it as it threads itself into position. No lubrication is required.


Dependable Mechanical Control

The feed rate control in the Classic series allows the pump’s output to be scaled from 5% to 100% with the simple turn of the external dial ring.


100 psi Handling

Stenner manufactures a peristaltic metering pump that operates reliably against 100 psi.

Safe and Versatile

Various solutions and chemicals can be metered without harm to the unit because they are pumped without exposure to air or the moving mechanical parts. Hydraulic fluids are not used and therefore can not leak into the solutions metered.


Interchangeable Components

The snap-fit modular design allows easy conversion to another model providing customers with flexibility for various applications.