• Cooling Tower

    Water Conservation

    Cooling towers represent the largest use of water in commercial buildings, up to 50% of total water use.  Reduce this water consumption by over half!

    Water Conservation
  • Stop All Iron & Rust Stains

    Without An Iron Filter

    Advanced treatment gives your water softener the power to stop all iron stains, guaranteed!

    Without An Iron Filter
  • Eliminate Scale & Bio Problems In

    Infra-Red Humidifiers

     Reduce maintenance, odors & biological fouling while improving vapor quality.

    Infra-Red Humidifiers
  • Scale & Full-Size Locomotive

    Steam Boiler Treatment

    Advanced technology single-feed treatment with exceptional scale & corrosion control. No hazardous phosphates, nitrites, caustics or sulfites tender to exhaust.

    Steam Boiler Treatment

    Cooling Tower Water Conservation

    Standard cooling tower water treatment programs require 33% to 50% waste water discharge in order to prevent scale formation. Even in a relatively small cooling tower, this can add up to hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water wasted annually. With water costs on the rise and severe drought in some areas of the country, now is the perfect time to upgrade your water-wasteful cooling tower water treatment program to the Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program.

    Stop All Iron Staining Without An Iron Filter!

    Advanced rust treatment gives your water softener
    the power to stop all iron stains, guaranteed


    Stop All
    Well Water
    Rotten Egg

    Replace An
    Iron Filter

    Vapure Humidifier Treatment

    Custom-formulated, pre-mixed in heavy-guage plastic gallon
    Reduces pan scale, odors and biological fouling
    Advanced technology, with 10+ years of proven performance
    Improves system performance
    FDA and USDA approved
    No pesticides
    No EPA registration required
    Safe handling
    24v factory-calibrated feed pump

    Locomotive Boiler

    We have developed the most advanced locomotive water treatment on the market. We have separate single-feed products for both full-size and scale locomotives both specifically designed to control scale and corrosion in live steam boilers while removing existing deposits.

    The outstanding performance of LSB4000 has been proven world-wide on hundreds of saturated and superheated steam engines using both softened and raw water make-up.

    Peristaltic Feed Pumps

    Terlyn CVX Peristaltic Feed Pumps are an accurate and inexpensive method of metering a wide variety of fluids and liquid chemicals without product contamination. The CVX pump is a masterpiece of simplicity. Its quiet compact design makes it suitable enough to withstand the hars environments of industrial applications. With only three moving parts, reliability of the CVX pump is exceptional and the peristaltic design offers many advantages.