stop All Iron Stains
With No Iron Filter

Advanced treatment gives your water softener the power to stop all iron stains, guaranteed


Without Crystal Clean, your water softener should not be used to remove iron from well water because the iron stains will eventually return.

This happens because the iron bonds with oxygen inside your softener’s resin to form rust.  Rust-removing salt and retail iron treatments are not strong enough to break up the rust, so it builds up until the softener can no longer prevent iron stains.

Because rust buildup will eventually occur in all water softeners, an iron filter is usually recommended to remove the iron before it ever reaches the softener.

Crystal Clean is the only treatment that solves the problem of rust buildup in a water softener, completely eliminating the need for an expensive iron filter.

Where most other treatments use acid, Crystal Clean utilizes an advanced, organic, non-acid technology with a 10x higher molecular bonding strength.  This easily breaks apart the rust that all other treatments leave behind.

By eliminating rust build-up, Crystal Clean gives your water softener the ability to remove 100% of the iron from your water, completely eliminating the expense of an iron filter.

Some local water professionals swear by Crystal Clean and have sold it for over 30 years. Others love installing iron filters and have no interest.  Make no mistake, Crystal Clean will solve your iron problem.  This system is a low-cost, dependable iron filter alternative with a 37 year track record of success.

How Crystal Clean Works

Step by step explanation of how Crystal Clean solves the iron problem in a water softener on a molecular level.

How To Setup A Crystal Clean System

Setting up a Crystal Clean system is very easy.  The Crystal Clean System consists of a small pump that attaches to the outside of your brine tank and feeds into the brine tank.

Get An Old Iron-Fouled Softener Working

With Crystal Clean, a water softener that has allowed these type of stains can be completely rejuvenated.